Your ICD-10 Questions Answered at Kareo TweetChat

Lea Chatham September 10th, 2013

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On Tuesday, September 10, Kareo hosted a live, interactive Tweet Chat about ICD-10. Kareo staff, industry experts, and medical practice staff joined the conversation and answered a lot of questions about ICD-10 and its impact on small, independent practices. For the full transcript check out #KareoChat. Here are some interesting highlights:

  1. What are some tips on preparing for ICD-10?
    - @CapkoandCompany – Get started.  Remember the old line “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” applies here.
    - @Brad_Justus – You Need To Complete An IT, Operations & Finance Assessment Immediately.
    - @modmed_EMA - At this point you should begin asking your clearinghouse, health plans and PM/EMR vendors about ICD-10 readiness as well
    - @CapkoandCompany – Get them learning, do dry runs — e.g., do an ex where you recode a day’s tix, see where documentation is short
  2. Will “unspecified codes” in ICD-10 cause issues for reimbursement.  How do you get physicians to document better? I was informed that unspecified codes will not be reimbursed at all.
    - @modmed_EMA – Smart technology will take care of this.  Otherwise inform them with materials on the increase of audits. I would avoid unspecified codes when you can.  Some believe it will cause a  request for notes. #kareochat #ICD10
    - @GoKareo – ICD-9 allows non-specific codes and will often get paid by the payer. ICD-10 is designed to provide a higher level of specificity that providers will have to learn. There are unspecified codes in ICD-10 & just like ICD-9, there are necessary uses – just be selective.
  3. Recommendations for training and change management
    - @Brad_Justus – It is important to establish a physician champion who can help with education & compliance
    - @CapkoandCompany – EHR vendors can help, but it’s important not to rely on that completely.  Providers still responsible for coding.
    - @Brad_Justus- Every facility should have already established a steering comittee with major stake holders in IT, Finance & HIM
  4. @RobPickell – ICD-10 CM has 68,000 codes. Smaller practices will need to leverage smart technology to make sense of this level of complexity.
  5. @CapkoandCompany - Practices have to prepare for a few months of lower cash flow.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! The conversation provided many great tips and insights. Find out more by checking out the full chat.

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Kareo tweetchat on ICD-10

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