How to Grow Your Medical Billing Service Through World-Class Customer Service, Part II

Kathy McCoy, MBA August 22nd, 2011

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Learn how technology can help you sell your medical billing services to physicians in this useful webinar.

In the medical billing industry, technology can be a double-edged sword: sometimes it’s difficult to live with, but you certainly can’t live without it. As emerging technologies rapidly transform the industry in a tough economy, forward-thinking medical billing professionals are leveraging those tools to impress current clients—and win new ones as well.

How can you use technology to grow your business? In a webinar sponsored by Kareo entitled How to Grow Your Billing Service Through World-Class Customer Service, three experts in the medical billing industry discuss their strategies for scoring new clients and keeping the ones they have. The webinar is one in an ongoing series of informative online presentations that you can access on the Kareo website at your convenience. They were created to help you learn about successful strategies for growing and managing your medical billing service.  The first post from our recent webinar touched on The Importance of Excellent Customer Service to Sales/Growth. This is the second post in a series of three blogs based on the webinar. View the recorded webinar in its entirety now.

In the How Technology Can Help You Grow Your Business portion of the webinar, Jim Sholeff, CEO of ECCOHealth in Las Vegas, begins by advising that billing companies take full advantage of the software they have to improve customer satisfaction and perception. That means knowing the broadest range of capabilities your system has and using them to full advantage. The flip side to this is also pertinent: Jim says that software issues can make you look like you don’t know what you are doing, even though it may just be a lack of familiarity with your software. Don’t let current clients ask a question that you can’t readily answer—it erodes client confidence.

Jim has had great success by discussing technology in his sales presentations. “Technology says a lot about your company,” he stated. “Are you current? Are you in control? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Potential clients want to know if they will have immediate access to information such as reports, patient data, or related documents.” If you can deliver, you can often close the deal.

Jim says other points of discussion during a sales call that are impressive to potential clients  revolve around transparency and access. “That builds trust, knowing they can see everything about a claim,” Jim said. “They also like knowing they can log on from any internet connection.” Of course, not all software is web-based and accessible by clients like Kareo. (Learn more about Kareo’s SaaS capabilities.) “If you can offer these attributes that provide ease of use with advanced reporting capabilities, take credit for making sound business decisions that are keeping you at the forefront of the medical billing industry,” Jim advises.

He also had other great technology selling points that may prove helpful to you. Taken together, Jim says they will let prospective clients know you are up to the challenge of managing their revenue cycle.

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