Anytime, Anywhere Access with Web-Based Medical Billing Software = Efficiency and Productivity

Kathy McCoy, MBA April 12th, 2011

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Access your billing data anytime, anywhere with web-based medical billing softwareThe traditional medical billing system of years past is becoming passé for countless medical practices across the US. The days of expensive in-office computer servers and software, along with costly licensing fees and the need to hire information technology (IT) specialists, are going by the wayside. Instead, medical practices and medical billing services are managing their billing with web-based medical billing software, which allows for more efficiency and accuracy and can result in fewer rejected claims and faster payment cycles.

 One significant advantage of web-based medical billing software is anytime, anywhere access of your billing information. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your billing employees can access all of the information they need through a secure Internet connection. This means they can manage every aspect of the billing process from home or another offsite location.

Medical billing without boundaries

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20% of employees perform some of their work at home. Innovative advances in telecommunications and the Internet enable employees in many industries to do their jobs effectively without being in the office. Workers, clients, vendors and more can communicate with each other via e-mail, mobile devices and web conferences, all with the same power and effectiveness of in-person meetings. For the medical practice that wants to take its billing system to the 21st century, this is welcome news. 

Even better, that means that you can access your data, your clients and your employees’ productivity anywhere, anytime. As a small business owner, it can be difficult to take time away – but with web-based software, you can easily combine work and play without missing a beat.

All you need is web-based medical billing software, a desktop or laptop computer and a secure high-speed Internet connection, and you’re ready to go. Your employees will find web-based medical billing software easy to learn and use, and they will be ready to handle the billing in a relatively short amount of time.

Happy and productive billing employees

Have you ever heard the saying, “a happy employee is a productive employee?” Well, according to business consulting firm iOpener, it’s true. iOpener conducted research and found that happy workers spent 80% of their workweek “on task,” while unhappy workers spent just 40%. Your billing employees handle numerous tasks every day, from entering patient data and coding information to contacting insurance companies, and their happiness is necessary for optimum productivity, not to mention a pleasant work environment. 

When your billing employees work from home, they will have a better work-life balance and therefore be happier. They can save money by not having to commute as much, and this means they can dedicate more of their time to billing. Plus, your billing employees can arrange their schedules to include taking their children to and from school, running errands and preparing dinner. Having more time to spend with family is priceless.

“My billing employees love working from home!”

One Kareo customer in Bonita, California said, “Now my billing employees work from home —the hours they want to work — as long as the work gets done. They can work in their pajamas or an evening gown… or anything between. They love it!” Additionally, working from home means your billing employees won’t have to deal with the interruptions that commonly occur in an office environment. They can perform their billing responsibilities with even more focus, accuracy and efficiency.

Your patients’ sensitive information is safe and secure when accessed offsite

You won’t need to worry about identity theft when your medical billing is handled offsite. Web-based medical billing software uses HIPAA-compliant data encryption technology to keep your patients’ information safe and secure, no matter where it is accessed. So, when your billing employees are working from home or another offsite location, you can be confident that your patients’ sensitive medical and financial information will never be compromised. And in the event that your web-based medical billing software is left unattended for a certain period of time, it will automatically “lock up” per HIPAA policies and require your billing employees to re-login. 

The right web-based medical billing system, right at your employees’ fingertips

There are many web-based medical billing software companies to choose from, so make sure you select one that best suits the needs of your practice, and that offers anytime, anywhere access to your patients’ billing information should you plan to have your billing employees work from home. Some of the benefits to look for:

Low subscription fees

No upfront costs or contracts

• Free setup and staff training

• Full server backups nightly to protect against data loss

• Free software upgrades every eight weeks for the latest codes and information 

Reduced office costs for your medical practice

Your medical practice saves money on the day(s) that your billing employees work from home. Less electricity is used, less coffee is poured and fewer phone calls are made, all of which lower your office costs. You might also be able to save on the cost of health insurance. Research studies show that happier employees are healthier employees, and that translates into lower health insurance costs. Plus, healthy employees are more productive and miss fewer days of work. 

Obviously, determining the number of hours your billing employees can work from home depends on the size and billing needs of your medical practice. You also need a web-based medical billing system that allows for anytime, anywhere access to your patients’ billing information. Before you decide to allow your billing employees to work from home, make sure you set your expectations with them. Let them know that if the amount of billing they are required to do starts to decrease, they will lose the privilege of working from home. Your billing employees will most likely be excited at the prospect of working from home, and this flexibility and convenience will make them happier and keep them highly productive for your practice.

Learn more about web-based medical billing software now.

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